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Travel and subsistence reimbursement

TA offered by ExpeER offered reimbursement of travel and contribution for subsistence (TS) expenses incurred during site visits. Users couls claim daily subsistence costs on the basis of flat rates. Flat rates for participating countries were shown in the table below. Travel costs were to be covered by a maximum rate. TS related expenses were reimbursed upon approval of the final report.
The ExpeER TA Coordination Team did proceed with the reimbursement upon receipt of the final report (via an User Group Questionnaire), the reimbursement form (including original invoices, tickets, boarding passes; one set of banking details form per person/institute to be reimbursed; number of days of access and per diem flat rate), and completed TA Agreements document, with the signature of both the TA user and TA site manager.
In the case of group applications, it was possible to reimburse more than one person. If more than one person asked for reimbursement, it has to be specified in the application form the allocation of work and the necessity of the work that each person carried out in the project.
Only weekends falling between TA working days could be reimbursed by per diem (if working days are > 5 days). TA users were not encouraged to split the 5 working days over 2 weeks and pass the weekend at the site, unless the necessity is proved.

Travel reimbursement:

Travel related expenses incurred by the user to travel from the user¡¦s home institution to/from the chosen TA site. Travel support for TA users was available at a maximum rate of 300 euros (except for Israel where the maximum rate is 500 euro). Travel could include the following:


  • All flight tickets had to be booked by the applicant(s).
  • It is often the case that flight tickets including a Saturday night stopover were much cheaper. It was not possible to receive per diem subsistence reimbursements for a weekend even if the ticket was cheaper, however the flight could cover the extra days (without per diem) if cheaper.
  • Receipts required: boarding pass + travel agency invoice, original tickets/e-tickets.


  •  All train/bus tickets had to be booked by the applicant(s).
  •  Receipts required : original tickets + travel agency invoice (if any)

Use of private car:

  • Reimbursement was made on the basis of 0.29 euros per kilometre (independent of engine capacity). Fuel was included in the kilometre rate. Road tolls could be paid extra. When two or more participants traveled together by car, travel costs were reimbursed to only one person. The total cost of travel by car could not exceed the maximum cost of an equivalent flight. Car rental or car insurance costs were not covered.
  • Receipts required : copy of calculation of number of kilometres from or websites, road toll receipts.

Subsitence contribution:

Contributions for subsistence expenses were based on a per diem flat rate (see table below). The per diem flat rate was intended to be a contribution to subsistence costs (i.e. accommodation, meals, local transport, parking, etc). Bar bills, private telephone calls, etc. could not be charged extra. Costs of health, life and luggage insurance are not reimbursed by EXPEER. No receipts wererequired to claim the per diem subsistence allowance.
If the rates were updated the table will be modified accordingly. In this case the new rates was shown alongside the previous rates, together with the periods over which they apply.

Daily subsitence allowance:

Daily subsitence allowance

For TA vists longer than 1 month (31 calendar days), the accommodation costs were covered by real cost under the condition that the rent should be economical and reasonable. The other costs were covered under daily allowance. In this case, justification such as rent contract is needed.